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It is a wrapper to call the GraphFinder::sparqlator method, using the OKBQA framework API.

It takes a template and a disambiguation structures which are produced by a template generation and a disambiguation modules, respectively, and produces a set of SPARQL queries which are supposed to represent the same query need represented by the template and disambiguation.

Optionally, the parameter, max_hop may be set to specify the number of maximum hops for each path to be extended to. As it is to specify an integer value (between 1 and 3, usually), it may be simply encoded in the URL (see Web service URL example below).

GraphFinder implements the triple variation operations proposed by [1].

Scope and limit

The current version implements only the three operations, inversion, split, and instantiation, among the four proposed in [1]. Implementation of the last one, join is remained as a future work.

Language dependency

GraphFinder is language-independent, and so does the sparqlator module.


  1. Jin-Dong Kim and Kevin Bretonnel Cohen, “Triple Pattern Variation Operations for Flexible Graph Search”, Proceedings of the 1st international workshop on Natural Language Interfaces for Web of Data (NLIWoD), 2014.
Maintainer jindong.kim@gmail.com
Source-code URL https://github.com/okbqa/graphfinder_wrapper
Homepage URL http://www.lodqa.org
Web service URL http://ws.okbqa.org:38401/queries?max_hop=1
Sample cURL command curl -H "content-type:application/json" -d '_sample_input_' _ws_url_ Test
Sample input
Sample output