Sparqlator Test

This page shows the result of the sample cURL command.
When there is the placeholder expression, _sample_input_, in the cURL command, it will be replaced by the value of the field, Sample input.


  "message": "undefined local variable or method `data' for #<GraphFinderWrapperWS:0x007f7d148d7168>"


curl -H "content-type:application/json" -d '{
	"disambiguation": [
			"entities": [{"var": "v6", "score": 1, "value": ""}],
			"classes": [
				{"var": "v3", "score": 0.25, "value": ""},
				{"var": "v3", "score": 0.2564102564102564, "value": ""}
			"score": 1,
			"properties": [
				{"var": "v2", "score": 0.2564102564102564, "value": ""}
	"template": {
		"query": "SELECT ?v4 WHERE { ?v4 ?v2 ?v6 ; ?v7 ?v3 . }",
		"slots": [
			{"p": "is", "s": "v2", "o": "rdf:Property"},
			{"p": "verbalization", "s": "v2", "o": "flow"},
			{"p": "is", "s": "v6", "o": "rdf:Resource|rdfs:Literal"},
			{"p": "verbalization", "s": "v6", "o": "Gunsan"},
			{"p": "is", "s": "v7", "o": "<>"},
			{"p": "is", "s": "v3", "o": "rdf:Class"},
			{"p": "verbalization", "s": "v3", "o": "rivers"}
		"score": "1.0",
		"question": "Which rivers flow through Gunsan?"