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Answerer 2016

Category Answer generation

Main changes

  • It is slightly changed to coherent to controller 2016.
  • Some optimization has been adapted.


Query processing speed (Now resolved)
  • Not yet, AGM 2016 uses scores to prune SPARQL queries to reduce the search space.
  • Currently, the processing time of the entire pipeline is the one of the main issues.
  • In the next version, it can be considered to use of scores to boost up the processing speed.
Maintainer jiseong@kaist.ac.kr
Source-code URL https://github.com/your-jiseong/agm_2016
Homepage URL
Web service URL http://ws.okbqa.org:7745/agm
Sample cURL command curl -i -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST -d '_sample_input_' _ws_url_ Test
Sample input
Sample output