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Controller 2016

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Main changes

Extended configuration
The form of log messages
Asynchronous logging and processing
  • The controller is changed so that the web interface can receive and print log messages and result of the controller asynchronously via the mysql database located in the okbqa server.
  • If you do not specify the "sync" field on the "conf" field of the input json, the controller will return immediately with "rid" value, which is the record ID of a controller's log messages and result written asynchronously on the mysql database.
  • If you specify the "sync" field as "on" value (see the sample input below), the controller will operate in the previous manner that returns log messages and results for an input json, synchronously.


Query processing speed (Now resolved)
  • There are a lot of SPARQL queries produced, which causes the entire processing time of the pipeline.
  • One of solutions can be to filter out the queries with scores under a threshold.
  • To do so, a controller should be able to deal with module-scores properly.
Maintainer jiseong@kaist.ac.kr
Source-code URL https://github.com/your-jiseong/cm_2016
Homepage URL
Web service URL http://ws.okbqa.org:7047/cm
Sample cURL command curl -i -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST -d '_sample_input_' _ws_url_ Test
Sample input
Sample output