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ELU-KoOther # Description ELU-Ko is a module to find entities in Koren text. Based on the labels of the Dbpedia entities, the ELU-Ko module finds entity candidates in the given text. Then, it chooses entities among the candidates based on the scores of them. # Function ELU-Ko finds Korean Dbpedia entities in the given natural langauge text. For instance, suppose sentence "대한민국의 지방법원의 수는 총 18개이다." is given as input. We can find out that '대한민국' correspond to the entity http://ko.dbpedia.org/page/대한민국, that '지방법원' corresponds to http://ko.dbpedia.org/page/지방법원, and so on. The found entitie are returned as list for the output of the module. # Scope and limit ELU-Ko uses entities' disambiguation, redirection, and labels candidate choice. Therefore, those that is not mentioned in the Dbpedia cannot be found using the ELU-Ko. In addition, although ELU-Ko makes use of confidential score of label as well as neighboring entity candidates, there still exists several errors. # Language Dependency It only supports Korean text. (January 13, 2016, OKBQA3.5). However, the algorithm is independent to the language, and the coverage would be extended at OKBQA4(http://4.okbqa.org) You may use AGDIST for English entity detecton. Developer: Youngsik Kim {twilight@kaist.ac.kr} Maintainer: Jeong-uk Kim {prismriver@kaist.ac.kr}2016-03-05 06:58:19 UTCprismriver@kaist.ac.kr
Korean DMDisambiguation # Description Korean DM is the first version of Korean Disambiguation Module. It uses pre-defined attributes and ELU to disambiguate property & entities # Function Korean DM find corresponding entities and properties from the output of TGM. Based on the given information it tried to find the best matching for verbalized variables. The result is returned as three categories (properties / classes / entities) with its variables. # Scope and limit Korean DM only disambiguates properties and entities. It does not work for finding correct classes at the moment. The program would be updated to handle lexicaly associated properties, and filter properties that could not make result according to the given template # Language Dependency It only supports Korean text. (July 21, 2016, OKBQA4). Maintainer: Jeong-uk Kim {prismriver@kaist.ac.kr}2016-07-21 05:01:15 UTCprismriver@kaist.ac.kr
Web InterfaceRendering OKBQA Web User Interface2016-06-24 01:07:19 UTCwiany11@kaist.ac.kr
AGDISTIS-KODisambiguation # Description Disambiguator uses the AGDISTIS web service to disambiguate URIs for class, property and resources, and then maps them within the result of Templator. So, for the Korean Disambiguator, anyone can use this module. I/O is exactly same with AGDISTIS-en. # Function AGDISTIS-ko works as a sub-module of Disambiguator. It works to disambiguate the URIs for each entities. # Scope and limit Currently (March, 2016), AGDISTIS-ko's algorithm is exactly same with AGDISTIS-en's. It works for Korean, and disambiguates entites within DBpedia URIs # Issues and discusion * Do you want to develop Korean Disambiguator? If you want, there are two remaining development issue. 1. The NER module including this processe: NER and generate the output as well as the input of AGDISTIS-ko (you can see the example) 2. The Wrapper module: Input: Templator output Output: Disambiguator output * How to run the service $ cd /home/b11_2015/AGDISTIS-ko/AGDISTIS $ mvn exec:java Maintainer: Younggyun Hahm {hahmyg@kaist.ac.kr}2015-08-28 06:30:36 UTCzakria.ai@gmail.com