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C2K 2.0Other C2K is a knowledge acquisition system that extracts triples of DBpedia properties from DBpedia category triples. C2K is proposed by Jiseong Kim, et al., "The Association Rule Mining System for Acquiring Knowledge of DBpedia from Wikipedia Categories", NLP & DBpedia @ ISWC, 2015. 2015-11-24 06:05:14 UTCjiseong@kaist.ac.kr
Answerer 2016Answer generation Main changes It is slightly changed to coherent to controller 2016. Some optimization has been adapted. Limitations Query processing speed (Now resolved) Not yet, AGM 2016 uses scores to prune SPARQL queries to reduce the search space. Currently, the processing time of the entire pipeline is the one of the main issues. In the next version, it can be considered to use of scores to boost up the processing speed. 2016-08-08 06:00:32 UTCjiseong@kaist.ac.kr
Answerer 2014Answer generation Description It is an implementation of the answer generation module on the OKBQA architecture. The module gets a list of SPARQL queries as an input (JSON format) and returns the output (JSON format) with a list of answers with their source SPARQL query. The number of returned answers and the time interval (seconds) of SPARQL querying can be configured by GET parameters; an example is shown below. http://ws.okbqa.org:7744/agm?answer_num=5&query_interval=0.1 If configuration is not provided, the default configuration will be used. The default setting of the configuration is as follows: { "conf": { "answer_num": 5, "query_interval": 0.0 } } Scope and limit This implementation is an initial version of an answer generation module, so there are many functionalities can be added to the implementation. The implementation provides only limited configuration fields in an input JSON, the number of answers to be returned and the interval time of SPARQL querying. There can be many configuration fields that can be useful for the entire pipeline to be efficiently tested. 2016-03-05 08:34:24 UTCjiseong@kaist.ac.kr
AGDISTIS-KODisambiguation # Description Disambiguator uses the AGDISTIS web service to disambiguate URIs for class, property and resources, and then maps them within the result of Templator. So, for the Korean Disambiguator, anyone can use this module. I/O is exactly same with AGDISTIS-en. # Function AGDISTIS-ko works as a sub-module of Disambiguator. It works to disambiguate the URIs for each entities. # Scope and limit Currently (March, 2016), AGDISTIS-ko's algorithm is exactly same with AGDISTIS-en's. It works for Korean, and disambiguates entites within DBpedia URIs # Issues and discusion * Do you want to develop Korean Disambiguator? If you want, there are two remaining development issue. 1. The NER module including this processe: NER and generate the output as well as the input of AGDISTIS-ko (you can see the example) 2. The Wrapper module: Input: Templator output Output: Disambiguator output * How to run the service $ cd /home/b11_2015/AGDISTIS-ko/AGDISTIS $ mvn exec:java Maintainer: Younggyun Hahm {hahmyg@kaist.ac.kr}2015-08-28 06:30:36 UTCzakria.ai@gmail.com